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Get Size-Wise

Finding the perfect fit is no easy task, and we all know those “handy” size charts only go so far. Online shopping has rendered in-store shopping nearly obsolete, so how do you know which size works for you? And we know that becomes an even bigger challenge when shopping for someone else. It’s hard enough brainstorming gift ideas to begin with, but once you’ve decided on the perfect item, you’re stumped on the size. We all know that no two manufacturing processes are the same, so no two products fit alike. Take the guessing out of the equation and enjoy the completely hassle-free shopping experience when purchasing an adjustable cap from The Hat Pros.

With the adjustable hook/loop tape closure or our classy buckle closures, you can ditch the size chart and decide on your perfect fit yourself. As our customer, you know we emphasize both comfort and breathability in our durable hats, so this line of caps caters to any occasion and all weather conditions. Getting a little chilly with the winter months setting in? Tighten it up a notch or two for an extra snug, warm fit. Spending a hot summer day enjoying the outdoors? Cut loose and take it down a few pegs. With our outstanding customer service team, we’ve made a simple shopping experience even easier. Grab an extra adjustable cap for a friend without the stress of a gift receipt. No stressful returns, no guessing, no worries.