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​History of the Baseball Cap

​History of the Baseball Cap

11th Dec 2020

You probably have one (or many!) baseball caps in your closet. But have you ever thought about where they came from? We’ll take you through the history of the baseball cap!The first professional team … read more
​Baseball Hat Etiquette

​Baseball Hat Etiquette

24th Nov 2020

Almost everyone wears or owns a baseball hat, but not everyone knows the proper etiquette! We’ll take you through some of the basic etiquette rules to abide by when wearing a baseball hat:1. Removing … read more
​Benefits of Using Hats as Promotional Products

​Benefits of Using Hats as Promotional Products

Posted by The Hat Pros on 19th Nov 2020

Can custom hats help promote my business?That’s easy: YES!Here are just a few ways that custom embroidered caps can help promote you and your business.Hats are Cool!Hats are one of the best pieces of … read more