​Baseball Hat Etiquette

24th Nov 2020

​Baseball Hat Etiquette

Almost everyone wears or owns a baseball hat, but not everyone knows the proper etiquette! We’ll take you through some of the basic etiquette rules to abide by when wearing a baseball hat:

1. Removing your Hat

When you walk into a building you should remove your hat. This is especially important in restaurants, movie theaters, churches, and classrooms. Some exceptions to this “rule” are places like airports, hotel lobbies and malls that are more of a casual setting. You can also keep your hat on for indoor sporting events.

2. Remove Your Hat During the Pledge of Allegiance

This is an important one! Whether you are inside or outside, you should always remove your hat during the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem.

3. Make Sure Your Hat is Clean!

There are plenty of ways to clean hats, and some great products to clean them as well. If your hat is white or a really light color, make sure your hat looks nice and clean before you leave the house. The cleaner your hat looks, the more professional you’ll look!

4. Choose the Right Hat

When going to certain events, you want to make sure you're wearing an appropriate hat. Baseball hats are acceptable for more casual outings, like sporting events, shopping, and ant outdoor areas. If you are going to a formal event you may want to choose a different hat!

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