How to Find Hats for Small Heads (Plus Tips &Tricks to Shrink Your Big Hats)

Posted by The Hat Pros on 5th Apr 2020

How to Find Hats for Small Heads (Plus Tips &Tricks to Shrink Your Big Hats)

Whether you’ve snipped off your bushy locks or want a better fit, you can either hunt down hats for small heads or shrink them yourself.

Having a well-fitted hat can make or break an outfit so you must find one that best suits you. Not sure how? We’ve got you covered.

Finding the Right Hat

Baseball caps should sit above your ears and the bill should rest in the middle of your forehead comfortably. There should be a little space between your head and the cap so, on a windy day, you won’t have to worry about your hat flying off.

But what if you’re hunting for snapbacks for small heads?

Tricks on Shrinking Your Big Hats

To get small snapbacks, follow these tips:

Using a Spray Bottle

First, fill a spray bottle with water and tighten the lid. Then place your cap upside down and spray inside the band along the bottom of the hat. Next, lightly spray the hat’s body up to ten times but do not saturate it in water.

Turn on your blow dryer to its highest setting and ball-up your fist so the cap sits on your hand. Hold the blow dryer 12 inches away and blow-dry the cap all the way around. (Note: Too much heat can warp the hat, so be carful).

Next, flip the hat over and place it on a flat surface. Focus the blow dryer around the inside band as it is the area you need to shrink the most. Finally, to get one of the ball caps for small heads, place it on your head and let the hat dry naturally.

Steam Your Hat to Size

You can get baseball hats for small heads if you steam your cap. Start by filling a medium-sized pot with water and place it on the stove. Next, turn the heat to high until the water boils and turn off the stove.

Hold the cap by the brim and place it six inches away from the pot’s steam. Let the steam seep inside the cap and band for 30 seconds. Then take the cap away for another 30 seconds for four times. Be careful, however, not to steam directly.

Next, take your blow dryer and turn it to high heat. Place your fist in the cap and hold the dryer 12-inches away from the hat. Be sure to dry the outside quickly. Then flip the hat onto a flat surface and dry the band and inner top.

Place the hat on your head. If it’s loose, use a blow dryer to further dry the cap so the hat can mold to your head’s size. Note that if you want to shrink the headband, cover the hat’s inside with a plastic bag and tape it to the sides. Also, if you want hats for guys with small heads, never put your hat in the dryer as it will lose its shape.

Now You Know How to Find Hats for Small Heads

You can either search in a store for hats for small heads or do-it-yourself. It’s handy to know several hat-shrinking tricks so you can do the same method for a range of styles. Good luck!

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