'Tis the Season for Knit Hats: A Quick Guide on How to Wear a Beanie

Posted by The Hat Pros on 20th Mar 2020

'Tis the Season for Knit Hats: A Quick Guide on How to Wear a Beanie

17 Reasons to Stop Following Fashion TrendsAre you in the market for a new signature piece of headwear? A beanie may be the best choice for you.

With so many styles and colors available, however, your options may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, we're here to help.

Read on to learn more about how to wear a beanie. We'll show you how to ensure that you love the style you choose.

Why Wear a Beanie?

Choosing a beanie for guys isn't just about fashion. Beanies are a functional part of your wardrobe and can help keep you warm when it's cold out. 

Because much of our body warmth escapes through our heads, choosing a beanie can mean the difference between an enjoyable walk and an intolerable one.

Beanies can also be a great way to accessorize your look. Choosing a beanie that fits your vibe can be easy once you determine the kind of style you're looking for.

You'll want to choose a style that flatters your wardrobe and fits well within the color scheme of your wardrobe.

How to Wear a Beanie

Choosing a beanie can also mean a chance for self-expression. Many of the clothing styles available to men can seem routine or bland.

Hats, however, give men the chance to express what matters to them through their choices. Beanies aren't a one size fits all style. In fact, beanies come in a large array of styles.

Finding the style that fits you best depends a lot on your personal style and head shape. Depending on your needs, chances are that there's a beanie perfect for you.

The classic Fisherman's beanie, for example, has become a mainstay in the so-called 'hipster' culture. This cuffed beanie is smaller than some of the larger styles and stays comfortably tucked toward the back of the head.

This is often a good choice for men with short hair. If you have short hair, you'll want to avoid some of the larger, more bulky styles.

Avoid Fashion Disaster

We all get tagged in the occasional throwback photo that makes us cringe. The best way to avoid feelings of fashion remorse is to make classic choices.

This means avoiding colors that may not suit you or anything that looks too 'trendy'. After all, trends are trends for a reason. They often go out of style as quickly as they arrive.

Stick with neutral colors and classic styles when shopping for a beanie. Using these rules, you'll be sure to select a style that you don't end up tossing to the back of your closet.

Personalizing Your Beanie

Have a favorite sports team? Try rocking team colors. Can't find what you want on a beanie? Customize it!

Custom embroidery can help you say it all. From a personal nickname to an obscure team name, you can create whatever it is that you dream up.

Find the Right Beanie for You

Now that you know how to wear a beanie and what styles may best suit you, it's time to make your selection.

To learn more about the styles available, be sure to visit our website. We'll hook you up.