Flexfit Flatbill Hat Premium Fitted Extra Extra Large 210 Cap 6210XX

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6210XX Blank Flexfit Hat Premium Fitted Extra Large 210 Cap

Sometimes less is more, and the most subtle styles can make the boldest impact. Take this 6210XX blank Flexfit hat premium fitted extra-large 210 cap, for instance. On the surface it doesn't appear to draw too much attention to itself. With its classic shape and single-color design, it doesn't insist upon itself. There is no ostentation, no exuberance, and yet you can't help but be drawn to the simple beauty of this profound little cap. That's because the subtle accents make all the difference.

This isn't just a hat. It's a testament to the power of simple sophistication manifested in profound ways. Note the sleek pro baseball on-field shape, the matching color under-visor, the moisture-absorbent pro headband and dense fabric sweatband, the 210 taping and the hard buckram. From the 3 3/4"ååå crown to the durable bottom stitching, this unassuming cap represents a great leap forward in baseball cap styling, and it can be yours at an incredible value. It's available in black, dark navy and heather-gray, and it combines all of the comfort and durability of acrylic, wool and spandex.

At The Hat Pros, we strive to offer the most incredible hats at the absolute best prices, and with this gorgeous 6210XX blank Flexfit hat premium fitted extra-large 210 cap, you truly can have it all. Shop for yours today, and start turning heads with your own head gear.